About Joel

Hi there, my name is Joel Solymosi. Some professionally relevant factoids about me:


  • I come from a software engineering background, but have expanded my circle of concern to include most aspect of product development, including customer development, marketing, conversion funnel optimization, and UX.
  • Born in Hungary, spent 6 years in London between 2008-2014, moved to San Francisco in 2014.
  • Did consulting across the entire range of the software industry, from bringing new products to market, to e-learning development for large corporations
  • Built lipreading.org, the largest lipreading site for lately deafened adults
  • Always happy to talk shop, and open to new challenges. If you're looking to bring a new product to the market, or scale an existing solution, feel free to email me at joel@custlabs.com

About the author: Joel runs a product inbucation, and consulting company in San Francisco. If you'd like to read more by him, subscribe to the product development mailing list.